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We are a new kind donor advisor.
Designed to drive real and lasting policy change, we focus on supporting those financiers who are aggressively deploying capital to every part of our national reform movement—whether they are for-profit, nonprofit, or political efforts.

We are a cross-partisan network.
Our data-informed, venture-style portfolio empowers a national, cross-partisan network of reform investors to evolve the country’s political policies and alter the landscape for good.

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We partner with data experts.
Ipsos Public Affairs and Invest America are driving a sustained national discussion and a public-private engagement called “The Age of Uncertainty.” We seek to understand how this moment of political, policy and popular unrest is affecting the work and lives of non-political leaders who must create and optimize value for citizens through their efforts and organizations. This partnership aims to directly shape the knowledge and understanding of non-political CEO leaders about the variable political environment in this country, and throughout the world.

We are solving for a better future. 
Over the next two years, we will be fostering a substantive public and private conversation about how to navigate today’s hardest societal, economic and political challenges—and defining a clear path forward.



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