Reawakening America: The New Professional Political Class

America’s 2017 experiment is underway. President Donald Trump was pugilistic and hard from the Inauguration podium, reciting “America First” rhetoric (while attempting to liberate this phrase from its smelly 1930s roots.) Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary and ever the good soldier, projected the boss’ umbrage with a 5-minute screed against the “deliberately false” reporting of crowd sizes

Kahlil Byrd
RELEASE: Invest America Fund Partners with the Bridge Alliance

Co-financing Collective Impact 2017 Projects Focusing on Civic and Political Innovation

New York, N.Y.-- Invest America Fund (The Fund) is partnering with the Bridge Alliance to finance a portion their new initiative, Collective Impact 2017. The goal of Collective Impact is to give Bridge Alliance members an opportunity to form collaborative projects focused on civic problem solving and public policy innovation. The Fund and Bridge Alliance are each pledging to make a significant investment in this effort throughout 2017.

Release: Invest America Fund Launches Fund 1

Today, Invest America Fund (The Fund) is launching its first national marketplace focused on bipartisan and nonpartisan policy reform and transformation. The Fund provides seed financing and grants to the emerging community of political entrepreneurs whose core mission is to solve our toughest national problems.

The Fund targets and supports leaders and organizations whose ideas and approaches have the potential to reach and improve the lives of 150 million or more American voters. This new and vibrant hub is dedicated to reformers who work outside traditional politics as part of the “Silicon Valley” for policy change.

Kahlil Byrd
Invest America Fund Launch on Medium: Reinvesting In The New America

A new group of “political entrepreneurs” is working to counter this broken system. They are vibrating change on issues supported by a wide swath of Americans from all sides, and are following a business model laid out by technology startups and their investors. Deploying and leading for-profit, nonprofit, and political organizations, they are tackling the biggest issues that directly affect citizens’ lives. Mission-driven and nonpartisan, they refuse to accept the failure, division, and deadlock that dominates our politics and policy making. They focus more on designing good policy and citizen-focused civic technologies than building new gaming apps. These visionaries operate outside government filling gaps where government is falling short.

Kahlil Byrd
Invest America in The Hill and IVN: The Recipe Independent Reformers Need to Sweeten The Fetid Brew of Two-Party Elections.

Both major party nominees are historically flawed. This was the chance to finally put someone in office who the 43% of voters unaligned with democrats and republicans, and our frustrated boosters within the parties, can rally around.

With a strong candidate and real backing, Independent reformers could have broken the electoral dam in 2016. And we blew it.

Kahlil Byrd