FPPCO | Invest America is a seed fund building a community that connects social and political entrepreneurs with funders committed to cross-partisan policy transformation.  We target and support leaders and organizations whose ideas and approaches have the potential to reach and improve the lives of 150 million or more American voters.  The Fund is building a national network of steady-state funders focused on tackling the most important issues facing our country today and is inspiring a “Silicon Valley” for political reform.  We are focused on financing organizations at the early and growth stage poised to have immediate positive impact on the political system.

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Fund 1

FPPCO | Invest America Fund is deploying a venture approach to create a diverse portfolio of for-profit, nonprofit and political opportunities across a broad set of policy areas. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs driving extraordinary change with funders who seek bipartisan and nonpartisan policy transformation. In Fund 1, we are recruiting middle-market funders to pool a portion of their impact, political and nonprofit giving to support the most promising, innovative reform organizations. 

Investor Information