About the

Invest America Fund

The Invest America Fund uses a data-informed venture-style approach to select its portfolio and achieve nonpartisan policy change. We are looking to make seed and growth stage grants to big ideas--for profit, nonprofit and political organizations--that have the potential to reach and affect at least two-thirds of American voters.

Over the past decade, talented, passionate social and political entrepreneurs have emerged to drive change amidst chronic stagnation.  In selecting our projects, the Fund is looking for notable traits that differentiate this group of change agents from their predecessors in politics and policy reform.

Strategic Plan

Learn more about The Invest America Fund by requesting access to our Strategic Plan and Prospectus 

Traits of Outstanding

Political Entrepreneurs


Their backgrounds and ideologies are diverse. They bring professional experience from a variety of industries. Their unique demographic and professional backgrounds bring new perspectives and innovative design that are poised to break through a stagnant system.


They understand that approaching public policy reform based on partisanship isn’t just fundamentally inefficient; it adds to the problem. These individuals define their mission in the best interest of America and ignore the traditional pitfalls of politics.


They embrace lean operations, low overhead, rigorous testing and the iterative process of the best startups. For these entrepreneurs, a grant or investment of $75,000 to $200,000 can make all the difference.


Above all, they are focused on citizens and their needs. Like all successful businesses, they are designing solutions in deep collaboration with consumers, their networks and the wider marketplace.

How The Fund Works

  • Committed funders become members by contributing at least $35,000 to the Invest America Fund (Fund 1)
  • 10% of this contribution will support operations, data, and pipeline development.  90% will be granted to organizations as grants in 2017 through 2019
  • We identify bipartisan and nonpartisan for-profit, nonprofit and political organizations doing important and impactful work across a broad set of policy areas –Democracy, Fiscal, Jobs & the Middle Class, Immigration, and Technology & Innovation
  • Fund 1 portfolio will provide grants of $75,000 to $200,000 to rigorously selected organizations and initiatives
Invest America Fund is betting on an emerging cohort of political entrepreneurs who are driving for profit, nonprofit, and political advocacy organizations that are tackling America’s biggest problems.
— KAHLIL BYRD Cofounder & CEO | Board Member

Become a member

As a member of Invest America Fund you are financing the next generation of political entrepreneurs who are transforming public policy irrespective of party lines.  Investing in organizations whose ideas have the potential to impact 150 million or more Americans, you will be part of a national matrix of funders helping tackle the most important issues faced by our country today.